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  Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy

Clinically proven results1,2,3,4
• Better quality of life                    
• Improves blood flow to the arms and legs
• Improves exercise duration    
• Relieves angina symptoms
• Reduces nitrate use    
• Low risk/high benefit
• Potential to increase skin  oxygenation  
• Painless and drug free
• Results last for up to 3 years    
• Requires no hospitalization

External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP) is an FDA Cleared  treatment for patients who wish to manage chronic stable angina without medication or are not candidates for additional, invasive forms of treatment. It is ideal for patients who:

• Have chronic stable angina

• Are not candidates for invasive surgery

• Have had previous invasive surgery or stenting, but the pain remains or has returned

• Have no other invasive procedural options

• No longer achieve relief from nitroglycerin

• Cannot tolerate medication(s)

Your physician will help determine if you are a candidate for ECP therapy. External Counterpulsation Therapy is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans for chronic stable angina.


Get Back to Living Life


“After only a few days of ECP Therapy and my pain in my chest has diminished by half. Im looking forward to completing the entire program”


S. Simpson


“I have a new lease on life. I can walk with my wife in the park again which I have not done for years.”


T. Robertson

“I have been able to decrease my nitroglycerin  as well as other medications with my Physicians approval since receiving ECP Therapy 


B. Turner


“The Best advice i have ever received as an alternative to another surgery. I feel so much better !  Thank you”


L Montclair